Patient's comments

What do I get out of Sykes & Associates as a patient?

  • My three-monthly appointments with Agi keep my ageing back flexible and pain free.
  • Iget advice on exercises and posture e.g. how I should be sitting at my computer.
  • Agi has also helped me with occasional sprains and strains and is able to explainto me exactly what I have done, helps with treatment and advice on exercises. A great improvement over a visit to a GP to be told to rest for 3 days and come back if it was no better!
  • I feel I have a trusted professional I can call on for advice and help.

Ann, office worker



It was a good day for me when I walked into Sykes & Associates more than ten years ago. I had had problems with my back and pressure on the sciatic nerve and found sitting, sleeping and walking unbearable. I sought out the practice after seeing a back consultant in Leeds, who suggested an operation, but he could not guarantee that it would be successful and I could end up in a wheelchair. I thought there must be an alternative.

On my first visit to the practice I felt optimistic that at last I was in “a safe pair of hands” that could help me. I was given confidence from the beginning that my situation could be helped and I soon began to feel some relief which increased and improved over just a few sessions. I could not believe it when I became pain free. It is a great comfort to know that I can rely on this effective, friendly treatment if needed.
I cannot recommend this practice too highly. Thank you David and Agi.




A few years ago I damaged my neck and lost a lot of movement and I was in severe pain.

The doctors prescribed me some painkillers and referred me to a physiotherapist.  The physio gave me some exercises to do, but that didn’t work, he even tried acupuncture.


After 6 weeks of not being able train and having a few weeks off work, my brother in law recommended using his osteopath as he had experienced similar problems.


After one session with Agi I regained most of the movement I had lost in my neck and I was able to drive again.

A few sessions later and I was completely fixed and after a week’s rest, started cycling again.

Thanks Agi.

Dave, semi-professional cyclist



At the age of 82, I still lead a very busy and active life with my garden, dog walking, tennis and looking after my house and family. I look forward to my regular sessions with Agi, who helps to keep me fit, pain free and who irons out any little problems I may have. After a treatment from Agi (specifically designed for each individual), I feel ready to face the world again

N. R



Having trouble with my back, I was referred to an Osteopath which I visited weekly and at time twice a week. After 23 years I still couldn’t walk any distance without pain. Then he retired.


Upon starting treatment with David Sykes, after 4-5 treatments I was able to carry on a normal life providing I don’t do anything silly.
I can now go months without having to have further treatment. It is as if a miracle has happened, being able to live a normal life. At one time I was recommended for an operation on my spine which I refused.


I can highly recommend Sykes & Associates

Brenda A



Thankyou Mr Sykes for greatly improving my quality of life

What a difference an osteopath makes!