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A ‘Hands On’ approach to your Company’s Health – maximising wellbeing and productivity of your workforce


Our Occupational Osteopathy provides services to businesses and the industry offering tailor-made occupational health solutions. We understand that no two jobs, two tasks or two employees are the same.


We have experience in working with many commercial and public sectors and we provide flexible programmes to suit the type, size and needs of your company and your employees.


Our services are cost effective and designed to enable your business to:

  • reduce sickness absence costs
  • improve staff morale, motivation and efficiency
  • comply with legal requirements

Occupational Osteopathy specialises in back and neck pain prevention and treatment, management and treatment of musculoskeletal problems including RSI and HAVs thus improving the health and wellbeing of your workforce and increasing productivity.


We can provide your business with any or all of the following:

  • Early advice and treatment of injuries that would otherwise result in time off work
  • Advice and treatment of pre-existing injuries
  • On-site Osteopathy Clinics – at your own location (suitable for businesses with more than 200 employees or high referral rate)
  • Off-site Osteopathy Clinics - at our premises in Huddersfield or Halifax
  • Back and Neck Pain Prevention Workshops
  • Fit To Work Days / Back and Neck Pain Awareness Days
  • Fit Backs Forever sessions

Our services include:

  • Pre-Employment Musculoskeletal Screening
  • Workstation Setup Advice (DSE)
  • Ergonomic Work site Assessment
  • Manual Handling & Back Care Classes
  • Work Rehabilitation & Return-to-work programmes

On-site and Off-site Osteopathy Clinics

With minimal set up costs and for only a few hours per week, our regular on-site Occupational Osteopathy services can benefit businesses by providing employees sufferring with musculoskeletal problems with fast access to the following:

  • Assessment and diagnosis
  • Treatment and rehabilitation
  • Advice and education
  • Return to work programmes
  • Workplace assessment / modification advice

With minimal disruption to everyday business, an on-site Osteopathy Clinic team will also provide regular communication with management on specific cases and issues, including reducing and preventing unnecessary or prolonged absence plans and quickly identifying any relationship between the employee’s condition and their working practices.


Early referral to the on-site Occupational Osteopathy Clinic by managers (OH, HR, or H&S) can instigate early and appropriate intervention and ensure optimum recovery in the shortest time possible.

Off-site Osteopathy Clinics will provide the same services at our own premises at Huddersfield and Halifax locations. Advice and treatment will be given, with a report issued to managers regarding the prognosis of the employee’s condition and any implications for safety at work.



DSE and Ergonomic Work site Assessments

Ergonomic assessments include work stations, working postures and positions, assessment of performance of tasks to prevent and minimise the incidence of strain and repetitive injury.

Advice and modification of working conditions and adapting tasks will help employees with niggling problems to remain at work.



Back and Neck Pain Prevention Workshops and Awareness Days

We offer very effective, ’hands-on’, interactive and fun, great value for money health promotion events for your company, helping you tackle musculoskeletal problems at work.


Our Back and Neck Pain Prevention Workshops and Fit to Work Days are tailor made to suit your specific needs but typically include:

  • One to one consultations and individual advice for musculoskeletal problems and niggling aches and pains
  • Fit Backs Forever session - bespoke Back Care Class
  • Treatment taster
  • Musculoskeletal health advice and information display stand



Fit Backs Forever sessions

Fit Backs Forever session comprises a unique back care class which has been designed by Occupational Osteopathy team  to strengthen and condition the lower back and reduce the incidence of back pain in the workplace and everyday life.


Session features:

  • Short presentation on back pain explaining the importance of a healthy back in the workplace
  • Back Care Class - demonstration and tuition of simple exercises designed by our Registered Osteopaths to condition lower back
  • Delivered by experienced Registered Osteopaths ensuring expert guidance and instruction
  • Active participants receive a Fit Backs Forever exercise cards enabling them to continue with the exercises at home or at the gym
  • Small classes of up to 10 employees are run on site (availability of a suitable room permitting)
  • Might be incorporated into existing mandatory manual handling training to maximise efficiency and reduce costs
  • Can be funded via private health plan or health insurance scheme


For corporate rates and tailor-made packages or more information on Occupational Osteopathy services send an e-mail to: info@spine.co.uk or ring 01484 424329 or 01422 360759


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